The Telemedicine Project

The Telemedicine Project is a multisensory box that can be used to collect medical data from a patient. The box is currently meant to be used as a self-monitoring tool, as it has not yet been clinically tested. Seek a doctor's advice in addition to using this device and before making any medical decisions.

The current version has 3 sensors that can report on 4 characteristics.

Getting Started

Connecting to the device is done through the Android/iOS app (downloaded below) or through the webapp. To power on the device, press down on the clear button in the corner. (The device can be turned off by double pressing this button.) The green light on the front should come on after a few seconds. Once the light is on, ensure location services and Bluetooth are both enabled on your phone or computer and press "Connect to Device". Choose the device in the list and connect to it.

Using the Sensors

Pulse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter is the sensor with the gray rectangle that lights up bright red when something moves in front of it. To use it, place the pad (not the tip) of your finger securely yet gently over the sensor such that it covers it well. Give it ten or so seconds to take measurements and it should start reporting your heartrate and oxygen level to your paired device. It works best if your finger has some semblance of moisture on its surface, either naturally or from a brief touch to a wet surface.

Thermal Sensor

The thermal sensor is the round one that sticks out on the back. This one should be placed up against your skin somewhere to read your internal body temperature. The reading should be very quick to report to your device.

Covid-19 sensor

The Telemedicine sensor box contains a Covid-19 sensor. It is found on the top, and can be identified by looking for the sensor with a rubber ring in it. To use it, a sample of saliva should be deposited inside that rubber ring. The results will be quickly reported to your device. The red light on the front of the box will turn on to indicate a positive test as well, and the green light will stay on to indicate a negative test. Clean it out afterward with a paper towel and some isopropyl alcohol, especially if you test positive!


Download Links

Android app: Play store or Direct Download. (you will need to allow unknown sources to install through the direct download. Instructions for that are here.)

iOS app: App Store (coming soon)

(Privacy policy for the apps can be found here.)